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Building the gold standard for tax and accounting in European e-commerce.

Our milestones

As every company that grows, we’ve had our fair share of obstacles. But today, we’re paying tribute to all the people that made Taxdoo what it is now.  

In the beginning, it was Christian, Roger and Matthias. This picture was taken at one of our first public appearances, right after we started Taxdoo with the help of the EU-funded startup grant EXIST. Back then, we were small but impactful: the team only consisted of our three co-founders, and Patrick, our first employee.


With the end of 2017 approaching, we closed our first funding round with the “High-Tech Gründerfonds”, the most active German-based seed-stage investment fund. Around this time, Moritz joined our team and started building what today we call our Sales and Marketing departments.


One more year down the line, and Taxdoo was on yet another mission. This time, we began expanding our team and took the stage at various key events in the e-commerce and tax world.


The team was growing steadily and we were joined by numerous motivated colleagues. Even today, most of them are still the backbone of Taxdoo.


With the age of Covid dawning upon us, all of us at Taxdoo needed to quickly adapt to a completely new way of working. Determined to exponentially grow our team and customer base, later in the year we managed to take the leap and close our Series A funding round with more than $20 million.


Equipped with fresh capital, we were now ready to further accelerate our growth. This meant quadrupling our team over 2021, and moving to our new headquarters in the centre of Hamburg. During this time, we also managed to raise $64 million in our Series B round of funding.


2022 was all about honing our focus and developing our strategy to accommodate a broader set of product offerings. Propelled by our collective strength as a team, we have successfully rolled out new features and adapted to a changing economic landscape.

Our Values

We are passionate

We are passionate about solving problems others run away from.

We are the change

We don't only adapt to a changing environment, change is in our DNA. We thrive when we drive disruption and never fail to think big.

We are bold

We take ownership and make high-impact decisions. The faster we move, the faster we learn.

We excel

We put outstanding performance at the centre of everything we do.

All for One, One for All

At Taxdoo, one thing we like the most is to make a difference. We firmly believe that being a provider of equal opportunity makes our employees happier and more successful in what they do.


Nationalities company-wide
Women company-wide
Women in leadership positions
Trees planted

Our Achievements

Taxdoo is a place for all those high achievers that want to make a change. We pride ourselves on the awards our team has brought with their incomparable work ethic, dedication, and achievements.