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Staff Software Engineer (m/f/d) Engineering

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  • Europe
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At Taxdoo, we value flexibility and work-life balance, and as a remote-first organization, we believe that you should not have to sacrifice either to succeed. 

We are on a mission to build the #1 tax and accounting platform, helping e-commerce firms and Tax Professionals to unleash their full potential. To sum it up, we eliminate the draining bureaucracy that is acting as a barrier to their success.

At the heart of our approach is the steady commitment to prioritize our product. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise in tax and accounting, and a profound level of empathy for our customers. This combination has resulted in the vast satisfaction and trust of thousands of customers across Europe, or as we prefer to call it “Taxdoo and Done”.

Our team comes from a range of backgrounds, and we believe in our core values of Diversity, Simplicity, Quality and Trust. Even if you think you might not fit every requirement of the job posting, we encourage you to apply. We're more interested in your potential and your passion than your previous experience.

Our Way

When it comes to hiring, we have a way. Strongly believing that great minds think alike, we want to join forces and align with you in four simple steps.

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What you will do

You will be joining team BlingBox…
  • … Taxdoo’s team for internal functions such as our custom billing solution and Raven, the heart of all customer-related internal processes.
  • Once you join, we’ll be 5 engineers + EM + PM working cross-functional, fullstack, DevOps, and cloud-native.
  • Right now we are making a huge push towards the next iteration of our product workflows, getting even simpler, faster, and rock-solid reliable.
  • You’ll work on Java- and TypeScript-based services using a serverless approach, GraphQL- and REST-based APIs, React UIs, MySQL databases, automated tests, CI/CD pipelines, and everything AWS.
  • As a member of our team, you’ll be contributing to all aspects of our projects: from roadmap discussions to sprint plannings, from architecture design to problem analysis, from implementation and deployment to sharing the knowledge you gained.
  • As a member of our department, you’ll be collaborating with other engineering teams as well as our stakeholders, present key information to the department, and in general help us foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.
  • As a member of Taxdoo, you’ll learn about VAT and compliance topics and – same as us – will come to find that they are way more exciting than you might think.

What you are good at

  • Working with service-oriented architectures, Java, TypeScript, REST & GraphQL, React, MySQL, automatic testing, GIT, Infrastructure as Code (CDK), AWS and especially serverless is second nature to you.
  • You have at least 5+ years of professional experience working on actual productive systems that matter, not just greenfield projects.
  • You have excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  • You care about clean code, maintainability, testability, and documentation because you have seen the results when someone doesn’t.
  • You are always interested in technology, but you are even more interested in creating amazing products.
  • You are passionate about scalability but not looking for the next place to introduce Kubernetes to (sorry, we’re serverless and happy with it).
  • You know your strengths but always seek feedback to improve as well.
  • You feel being a software engineer is not only about coding, but also communication, reaching goals together, and caring about your teammates.

Join us in saying “Bye, Bye Bureaucracy” together!

Learn more about our benefits here.

At Taxdoo, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. In our recruitment process, we consider applicants regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or age. Diversity is one of the core values that we embrace on different levels within the organization- from our employees to our products and clients.

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Milagros Portanier

Why Taxdoo?

We know that with great power comes great responsibility. This is why we know what’s on you, what’s on us, and what we can do together.

Whether you are a self-starter or a team player, at Taxdoo we have your back. We work hard (but happily!) to create a place where your voice is heard and your ideas will come to life - no matter how big or small they may be.


Communication is key. As every vibrant startup grows, we also have obstacles to overcome. This is exactly why we put many efforts into constantly bettering our already great feedback culture by involving our management and ensuring they are there every step of the way.


By working with innovative technologies that support an outstanding product we came with full force to build the Financial Operating System for e-commerce. Taxdoo is the place for all those great minds who wish to make an impact with their work. Because we believe that what drives real change in the world is the people that make it.

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