Taxdoo has its essentials, but also the benefits

At Taxdoo, our employees’ well-being has been and always will be, our main priority. With trust, diversity, quality, and simplicity has been at the core of our company culture, we aim to create a working environment where our colleagues feel seen, heard, appreciated, and where their well-being is a responsibility for us as an employer.

With all this in mind, and with dedication and appreciation for our employees, we set ourselves a goal to develop the Taxdoo core and the Taxdoo benefit pack.

What is the Taxdoo core pack?

We know that giving our employees a list of what we consider workplace essentials is simply not enough. We carefully reviewed our strategy and discovered that to completely reflect our company culture, we’d need to develop the Taxdoo core pack: a lineup of must-haves that every Taxdoo employee and new joiner would have immediate access to. This not only helped us formulate our mission better but also gave our employees the confidence that we have everyone’s back.

Here is what the core pack is all about.

Steep learning curve

Knowledge is power. A few years back, here in our Hamburg office, the Taxdoo onboarding program was born. With a diverse training schedule and a personal buddy to provide all the support needed, our approach came to be simple but effective.

The Buddy Method

From day one, each new joiner gets assigned a buddy who is there every time you call their name. Helping you settle into your new position and team, having a buddy is all about exchanging experience. So, feel free to share your knowledge and constructive feedback: the Buddy Method is always growing and improving.

Professional and personal development

Taxdoo is by your side every time you need some extra support to grow your knowledge and develop new areas in your skillset. For this, we offer our employees a personal learning budget of 1,500 Euros. Further, our company-wide training sessions and courses across all departments are open to everyone.


Taxdoo is proud to be by our employees’ side when they want to expand their horizons. Our team will always provide support with finding the right workshop, seminar, or training so you can feel confident in your job and future career.


Your working hours are flexible and you can work from home whenever you wish. By empowering our colleagues to be the designers of their workdays, we believe that we encourage their creative thinking. Not only this, but anyone in our team is allowed to work from anywhere around the globe for up to 40 days a year.

A workspace of today

With a 360° panorama of the city, fresh fruits, drinks, quiet rooms, and phone boxes, our office is a favorite among our employees. The restaurants nearby are there to provide an authentic Hamburg flavor, the transport links can take you anywhere within minutes, and the mood is always there. And for those who want to make their home their office, Taxdoo would supply them with all the home office equipment they need.

Team spirit

Monthly team events, after-work activities, and random get-togethers are just a few of the things that contribute to the respectful and feel-good atmosphere that we aim to create.


Not only do we provide intensive yoga classes or impulses for mental and physical health with our provider Open up,  but our partnership with Urban Sports club takes our commitment to the next level.

What is the Taxdoo benefit pack?

Now that you know all about the Taxdoo core pack, you may be wondering what more there is that our employees love about Taxdoo. The answer is simple, but not so short, so let us try to be as brief as possible.


Taxdoo is on an exciting journey and it is our pleasure and of the utmost importance to make it possible for our employees to participate in our success. For this reason, we have created our Virtual Share Option Pool, otherwise referred to as VSOP, which gives our colleagues virtual stock options.

Tell Your Friends bonus

We all know someone good at what they do. Sometimes, they might be open to new opportunities in their professional life. At Taxdoo, everyone who refers a friend or a former colleague who would be a good fit for our culture and mentality receives a bonus.

HVV ticket subsidy

Our subsidy for the Hamburger Verkehrsbund Profi-Ticket is a Taxdoo-favorite. You choose which fare suits you best and not only can you use it for traveling to and from the office, but also to discover all that Hamburg has to offer.

Relocation support

We know all about the hassle of moving. However, our team is dedicated to supporting you in the relocation process by helping you submit documents, book appointments, and find your next apartment.

30 days of paid vacation

The more, the merrier. With 30 paid days now being part of your calendar, you can take time off to recharge your batteries and come back in the best of spirits.

Pension plan, but make it corporate

We take the words “Think about later” seriously. In fact, quite seriously. This is why we offer you the opportunity to supplement your statutory pension in the form of a company pension plan, which is otherwise referred to as betriebliche Altersvorsorge.


Our employees benefit from the option to take some extra time off work. We know that sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do, so we always strive to foster an environment of well-being and mental health first.

Permanent employment contract

Security and peace of mind being our top priority, limited contracts are not something we believe in. This is why we replaced them with permanent ones.

The Taxdoo culture is dynamic but steady; abstract but to the point. We like to provide direction, but we know that self-driven employees are the reason why Taxdoo is where we are today. We want to empower our Taxies to be in control of their growth trajectory, and this is exactly why we want to make sure that we give them everything they need to achieve it.

At Taxdoo, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. In our recruitment process, we consider applicants regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or age. Diversity is one of the core values that we embrace on different levels within the organization- from our employees to our products and clients.